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Monday, 11 February 2019

If you did not see my Instagram stories over the weekend I've been obsessing over Korean/Japanese soap operas lately and it just got me inspired to create a make-up look that feels and looks light, airy and natural because who doesn't love a no makeup makeup look? I went by @erie.plaza.boutique in Leamington (big thank you to Anisha and Daniela for your help) and got a few goodies to create a flirty look that would be perfect for Valentine's day (but really any day)! As a busy mom of two I'm always looking and gravitating towards products that will enhance my existing face without taking too much time and effort.

With that being said I picked out a few items that I thought would not only give me that effortless look but also become products I hope to enjoy on the daily. Starting with the base of my face I ended up choosing Camera Ready CC cream by Smashbox. I wanted something that was light as foundation can be quite heavy and having that SPF factor is always a bonus. My girlfriend Lisa was kind enough to come over and give me some tips which I thought I'd share with you on how she achieved this look on me. She used the beauty blender by Lise Watier (dampened) and started with pea sized amount of CC cream (always start small and build up). I was pretty impressed with this particular sponge as it features a flat edge that helped blend the product into my skin. The CC cream itself was a great match (light/medium) and gave me enough coverage without totally blocking out some of my freckles and did not feel super heavy on my face.
Up next grabbed a pretty apricoty-pink blush by L'Oreal in their new Paradise Enchanted line. It's described as a fruit-scented powder blush with a velvety soft texture. I would like to say it was not that great smelling but was quite velvety and applied decently with OK colour pay-off. I applied only onto the apples of my cheeks to give a soft glow. For an even more luminous look I grabbed Stila's Heaven's Hue Highlighter in Kitten and goodness what a beautiful product! I believe this is a great universal highlighter that would be perfect on all skin tones that gives just enough to maintain a natural glow (the ultra-fine particles as described totally helped soften the highlight). Lisa also applied this on my lids over some light brown eyeshadow. Do not forget to highlight the nose and cupids bow!

Saving the best for last, I can already confidently tell you all after two days of using Clarins' Water Lip Stain in Rose Water I am totally obsessed! It is definitely a new must-have product for myself that totally enhances my lips (I gotta go back for the orange). I love how the product is totally buildable! For those who just need a bit of colour this is exactly what you're looking for. It's non-drying and does not even feel like you have anything on your lips! I had reapplied chapstick on top throughout the day with no issues. To give that more natural lip stained look Lisa actually patted some concealer onto my lips and then emphasized the stain at the centre of my lip. This product dries quite quickly and I love the smell of it!

To finish off the look I loosely curled my hair and tied it up (leave some strands out for a more flirty look) with a cute hair scarf. I love how fun this looks without being too fussy. We're actually doing a pretty low-key Valentine's Day (sushi with friends) so this look is totally what I was envisioning! It really took no time at all (less than 20 minutes) and I'm pretty sure it will become my normal routine because of how easy it is! Hope you enjoyed this look and wishing you all a great little Valentine's Day with those you love!

xo, Toonny

Disclaimer: Shoppers Beauty Boutique in Leamington was kind enough to provide product for review, however all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in anyway.  


Fresh New Beginnings

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Oh hey there! Yes it's me I am finally back after almost a year hiatus but I am feeling pretty inspired! I wanted to start off the year on the right foot and make realistic goals that would enhance my whole being which includes my mind, body and spirit. So I thought I'd come on here to chat a bit about what I'll be aiming for and hopefully acquire some great habits along the way!

If you haven't been following my Instagram page I have recently reconnected with Marie Kondo's magic of tidying and it has made a world of a difference not only to our living space but my mind! I have been able to clear the clutter which has totally enhanced my way of thinking and living. This brings me to my first goal of attempting to minimize my wardrobe. I am still in the process of figuring out what all I need but a capsule wardrobe is in the works! After going through my closet I realized I had so much I was just holding on to for the wrong reasons like 'one day I'll be skinnier' or 'we'll have a fancy event to go to eventually' but in all reality I need to enjoy the clothing I have NOW. So hoping to share this process with you all once I've worked out all the kinks! 

In the meantime this romper by Wooly Doodle has been a staple piece that has definitely brought me so much joy! I love how comfortable it is and trust me when I say it washes so well and feels just as good as the first time you put it on! I have worn this for so many occasions from parties, baby play dates to WORK! Yes, this thing can really give you so many looks and is definitely a piece I wear weekly! I love how effortless yet put together this look is for weekends with the kids.

| Sunnies: Moschino | Necklace: Made By Mary | Romper: Wooly Doodle | Jacket: Levis | Bag: Fawn Design | Shoes: J Slides |

This year I really want to push myself creatively and find all the things that bring joy to me in every part of the word. So in keeping with the mind aspect I've taken up hand lettering and hoping to share what has worked for me! So far I've purchased Sarah from Chalk Full of Love's book and have been practicing at night. I also want to BLOG more. I have so much to share and say and would love to catalog this more consistently. So starting now I hope to pop on here weekly! 

As for body, I want to feel healthy. I have been committed to Kayla's BBG guide (I'm on week three!) and gradually trying to incorporate healthier foods and choices. I cannot believe how far I've already come as my endurance has improved and the workouts are becoming more tolerable! I hope to get back into running as it has always been something I love to do. I've already signed up for my first half marathon for the year coming up later this May and I find signing up for something totally helps you get back into the swing of things. 

As if these goals weren't enough my last one will be one that will probably take the most time but is something I know that will enhance me as a whole being. Meditation has always been such an intriguing concept I have always been fond of reading and understanding. Yes I will admit I sometimes put a lot on my plate but hey I've always been this way. However, sometimes I find anxiety and stress can totally get the best of me and it's time I gain that control and treat my spirit with the respect it deserves. I hope being at peace with myself will only enhance all my abilities as a person, mother, and spouse. Looking forward to sharing all my progress with you and tell me what are some of your goals for 2019?



A step on the wild side

Friday, 23 March 2018

Hooray for the weekend! So excited to kick start our weekend as we're heading for a little weekend getaway to see my sister! Although only a short two hours away I'm excited to eat and catch up! Although we have warmer weather coming, these past few days have still been cooler so its safe to say I haven't completed flipped over my winter wardrobe! I'm still loving these OTK boots and braved bare legs but it wasn't as bad as I thought (must be a Canadian tolerance)!
This longer blazer is a great piece all year round and gives you the sophistication you may need during work hours but acts as a great jacket for the evening too! 
| Hat: Winners | Shirt: Old Navy sold out in white but love this striped one | Jacket: H&M sold out but similar on sale! | Skirt: H&M on sale! | Bag: Longchamp | Boots: Franco Sarto | 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend friends! 



Egg-tra Sweet Treats for Spring

Monday, 19 March 2018

Sweet treats are definitely something I love to really indulge in during the holidays and I love to bake most of my goods from scratch but when I happened to see these sweet Egg Nests I knew I had to give it a try! Not only is it a great combination of my own personal childhood favourite but so simple even the kids will be able to help!

These are super easy to make and your littles would totally be into helping! There are two ways to make rice crispy treats (microwave or stove top) so just make sure that it is cool enough for your little ones to help out with! I suggest wearing gloves if these are getting distributed to others.
After cooking the ingredients together, we used a cookie scoop to fill a pre-greased muffin pan. If you don’t have a scooper I’d say ¼ cup of the mix would be sufficient (this makes about 16 nests). Then quickly after placing the rice crispy mix into the pan, use a spoon (or your hands for more fun) to push the center down into the pan to make a cup-like shape. We didn’t worry about making this step perfect as nests are unique, I love how the edges were all different! Give these a bit to cool down before decorating.

I loved adding the extra texture of the cotton candy but know that it does dissolve over time so you can add this touch right before you serve them. Then add your eggs and your little treat is complete!

These were just a treat to make and I hope you’ll try them out too! Thanks for reading and let me know what other treats you enjoy making for spring and Easter!



Reinventing your kitchen with Re-Play

Monday, 12 March 2018

If there is one particular toy that I could suggest for any growing family it would hands down be our play kitchen! Although some may say its quite the investment there are so many versions with price points to fit any one's budget! We love how durable this Hape one is as the wood construction helps with tough touching toddlers.  We've had this for quite sometime and both girls love it! I love the imaginary play the kids get out of it and I know it is something they'll continue to grow with! I just wanted to share three fun tips to personalize your own play kitchen space to keep it fun and interesting!
1. Play kitchens do not always have to be in a play room
It's true! We brought our play kitchen upstairs into our kitchen space to give a better understanding of what happens in the kitchen. This has helped the girls understand and respect the kitchen. They have been taught about the hot stove and how to put certain items away in cupboards. I love how they mirror what I do in the kitchen and they find it so fun to cook for us! Although some may not have space in their kitchen area, finding room in the surrounding area is also great!
2. Let them take out all the dishes!
I don't know about the rest of the world but one thing I know for sure is how much my kids LOVE to take things out of cupboards on a regular basis. To decrease this amount what I have been doing lately is incorporating real tableware for the girls to play and take out in their own little space. We have been using Re-Play dishware for a good month now and can tell you with no hesitation that they are our go-to kids dishware. First and foremost, their colour selection will satisfy everyone's colour theme! We love all of them but these pastel colours just totally jumped out at me! I love how substantial the plastic is and being made from recycled plastic is something I can totally stand behind! The kids have no issues handling all the dishware as they are easy to hold and grasp. The size is perfect for not only the girls but my husband and I find ourselves using them all the time for snacks! I'm telling you these would be perfect for camping for the whole family! They have been super easy to wash and even with the greasiest of foods the dishware has held up leaving no weird residue or re-washing required! Now the no-spill sippy cups have hands down been the most amazing and have not LEAKED! Between accidental falls and intentional ones these have been super durable and has not disappointed us! The textured cup makes it easier for the kids to grasp and for additional grip we added our fun Nomi+Sibs personalized labels (is this combo not the best?!). I'm hoping to grab a few more dishes in other colours to add to our collection for special events and holiday meals! 

3. Personal touches 
I've always been a huge fan of all holidays and really any reason to celebrate by visiting your local craft store or Target Dollar Spot! Adding these seasonal touches not only makes for an aesthetically pleasing space but gets your little ones excited for what's to come! I've used 3M command strips to help hold seasonal wreaths on the wall without giving my husband a heart attack for another hole to patch up later. Most of my wreaths and garlands have been found in craft or dollar stores but another great place to find festive things are Winners and Homesense and for those non-Canadians, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Homegoods! I have also seen amazing and beautiful garlands through Etsy! 
Another key piece I found to help create a fun space is utilizing a letter board. We love our Letterly Love board all over the house  but it especially makes for a great decor piece in the girls kitchen!  If the grande is too large for your liking I suggest their mini which now comes in 8 different colours (totally digging their new turquoise), one is bound to make your play kitchen a dream! I find most of my quotes and inspiration from good old Pinterest and if quotes are not your thing, the letter board would make for great milestones or to personalize the kitchen with your kids' names.

Last and certainly not least I love incorporating all the same fun things I would use in my own kitchen! As loud as they may sound I love the metal pots and pans from Ikea and found seasonal towels to add that extra little detail. I also love the girls' broom set which is just so darling and they actually love to clean (fingers crossed that lasts). Fake plants and rugs also look great in the kitchen and give more texture to the space. I hope you find these tips helpful and just remember to get creative and have fun with it! 


Disclaimer: Re-Play Recycle was kind enough to send us dishware, however all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in anyway.  


Wooden Apple Watch Bands: A Fresh & Natural Spring Accessory

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Being organized is almost always on my list of new year’s resolutions and this year is no exception. Between the kids, our house, and a full-time gig there is so much to balance and literally so little time to fit it all in! Luckily my husband got us both Apple Watches last year and I’ll be honest initially I wasn’t the most excited for it as I thought it wasn’t going to be the most useful device as the iPhone already does it all but I love how this little device connects to everything from e-mails to fitness goals right on your wrist without having to look or use your phone! So, after getting use to using the watch I wanted to have more options for styling.

And goodness has the bands options come a long way! Jord did not disappoint and has come out with a beautiful wood band that totally brings a unique style to any outfit choice. The wood band is beautifully crafted and I love that each band will have their own unique grains. The titanium links compliment the natural wood so well and gives the style a little more masculinity that I love to rock with my more casual looks. Comes in four great styles and colors that will fit anyone’s preference! It was hard to choose but I grabbed the stacked Zebrawood & dark Sandalwood and love the warm colours in the band!
I’ve been wearing mine for almost a month now and can say I’ve gotten so many compliments! Even with my small wrists this band is still feminine to rock for those who may be weary. They do customize it to any wrist size and it feels great! It’s not too bulky but still feels really substantial. It’s definitely something I haven’t seen incorporated with the Apple Watch and is a great piece that would make a great gift for a love one including your significant other (the husband is loving his)! Thank you again Jord for adding such a great natural wood piece to my collection! For those who may be interested Jord has been kind enough to give one lucky reader a $100 credit towards your very own band! Don’t have an Apple Watch? No problem! You can use this towards any other beautiful Jord Wood watch (for her, him, or you)! Simply click here and fill it out with your information and you’ll also receive 10% off just for entering! Contest runs until March 11th, 2018 at 11:59! Thanks again for reading and good luck!

xo, Toonny

Disclaimer: Jord Watches was kind enough to send us bands to review, however all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in anyway.  

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