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Wednesday 20 December 2017

Isn’t everyone just striving to make a curated capsule wardrobe that is sensible and stylish?! Well for us adults this post really isn’t the answer to your prayers but it is for our little ones in our life! I had the pleasure of working with a sweet Canadian company based out of Montreal called Chou La La who make you think inside of the box! They have curated beautiful and stylish pieces with various price point options that can fit any budget!
They have thought of everything down to the shipping box that you can use with your little one (crayons are included)!
We received the Boho Chic Chica in blue which contained ten pieces that can be intermixed with one another to make over 30 outfit options! It is also encouraged to mix within your own existing wardrobe! I loved this concept as who doesn’t love having someone do the leg work for you as getting dressed isn’t always the easiest feat with toddlers in the morning.
How pretty are these colours? Love the small details!

I love the colours of this collection and how they compliment my own style as I’ve never been too keen on super bright in your face colours. These are all well paired and give a really sweet sense of style! There were a lot of pieces I would have totally bought in a store for Linden but a few were ones I would have never considered, to my surprise once we tried them they were a great addition to her wardrobe!

Some may think the price may be a bit steep for some budgets but when you break it down an outfit is less than $15! That’s savings right there and to top it off these outfits are made to fit for a season or three months! With Linden growing out of everything its nice to know there are staple pieces that she can continue to use for a bit! Now with that being said because they use various brands some of the sizes vary in style but I’ve been able to make it work and some pieces will last even longer than expected.
This sweater shrunk but with the balloon sleeves and easy fix by pushing them up!
As busy mom of two I throw basically e v e r y t h i n g into the wash as its easier for little things to be just thrown together and 90% of things go right into the dryer. Everything washed fine together but unfortunately based on materials used you do have to be conscientious as to what goes into the dryer! I had two items shrink on me but luckily based on the style she can still wear with no worries!

As for wearability, Linden wore all the pieces at varying times within the month but to be perfectly honest the dressier items were not as well loved as during the weekdays Linden plays hard at Montessori. With that being said, the pants including the light coloured beige ones came home well loved but fresh and new after washing with no holes!  
Great pieces that even small hands can help with! 

These boxes would make great gifts for various stages and milestones including birthdays, blessings, and late Christmas gifts! For those who are still on the hunt for something unique and stylish I’d highly recommend looking into this! Right now you can use the discount code 15OFF for 15% off and they also have a flash sale going on until December 21 where you can receive $20 towards an accessory or shoe with purchase of a box! Hoping that they come out with some mama-friendly boxes as I’m totally in need of a wardrobe revamp! Thanks again for reading and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday!


Disclaimer: Chou La La was kind enough to send us a box to review however all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in anyway.  


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