Egg-tra Sweet Treats for Spring

Monday 19 March 2018

Sweet treats are definitely something I love to really indulge in during the holidays and I love to bake most of my goods from scratch but when I happened to see these sweet Egg Nests I knew I had to give it a try! Not only is it a great combination of my own personal childhood favourite but so simple even the kids will be able to help!

These are super easy to make and your littles would totally be into helping! There are two ways to make rice crispy treats (microwave or stove top) so just make sure that it is cool enough for your little ones to help out with! I suggest wearing gloves if these are getting distributed to others.
After cooking the ingredients together, we used a cookie scoop to fill a pre-greased muffin pan. If you don’t have a scooper I’d say ¼ cup of the mix would be sufficient (this makes about 16 nests). Then quickly after placing the rice crispy mix into the pan, use a spoon (or your hands for more fun) to push the center down into the pan to make a cup-like shape. We didn’t worry about making this step perfect as nests are unique, I love how the edges were all different! Give these a bit to cool down before decorating.

I loved adding the extra texture of the cotton candy but know that it does dissolve over time so you can add this touch right before you serve them. Then add your eggs and your little treat is complete!

These were just a treat to make and I hope you’ll try them out too! Thanks for reading and let me know what other treats you enjoy making for spring and Easter!



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